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Custom Steel Fabrication and Laser Cutting in Milwaukee, WI

Custom Steel Fabrication and Laser Cutting Services

Since 1995, Accurate Metal Products has been offering high-quality steel fabrication in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest region. Our wide array of services include laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, Blanchard grinding, and abrasive grinding, and we can work with steel plate up to 12 inches. We work with manufacturers all over the United States, and we offer free delivery within a 150-mile radius of our locations in Rockford, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Steel Fabrication Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Our steel fabrication services are designed to provide end-to-end solutions for most projects. These services include:

Laser Cutting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Agricultural, automation, and OEM companies turn to us for components that require laser cutting. Our machines can accommodate stainless steel up to 3/8-inch thick and carbon steel up to ½-inch. Parts can be up to 10 feet long and five feet wide.

Plasma Cutting in Milwaukee, WI

Our high-definition plasma cutting tables are CNC-controlled and can manage parts up to 40 feet long and 10 feet. We can handle thicknesses of up to 1-1/2 inches for stainless steel and up to two inches for most other steels. Our dual rotating bevel heads create duplicable holes and internal cuts as required.

Flame Cutting in Milwaukee, WI

Our state-of-the-art oxy-fuel flame cutting equipment creates precise beveling, straight lines, and circular cuts. We replace our machines every five years to ensure the utmost quality and precision in our cutting processes. Our flame cutters can apply up to 10 torch heads to materials ranging in thickness from ¼-inch to 12 inches. Our lifting capacity is 25 tons.

Custom Blanchard Grinding in Milwaukee, WI

We can handle low- and high-volume orders for industries like mining and nuclear on our four in-house Blanchard grinders. We can work to tolerances of ±0.005 inches in materials like stainless steel, low alloy steel, and other metals.

Abrasive Grinding in Milwaukee, WI

We use steel grit or steel shot for abrasive grinding based on the specific job requirements. Abrasive grinding is common for armor plating and heavy duty vehicle parts. We have a shot blasting booth with space for parts up to 20 feet x 8 feet x 10 feet, in addition to three Wheelabrator tumble shot blasters for parts weighing up to 75 pounds. Either media will remove mill scale and rust, though which is most appropriate depends on the details of the application. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are important to us, which is why we use an automatic recovery system as well.

Value-Added Services

From heat treating to thermal stress relieving and annealing, our additional services enable us to offer one-stop shopping on most projects. We can also clean, package, and barcode your components.

Industries Served

We work with companies in the energy, mining, manufacturing, and electrical industries whose businesses rely on precise steel fabrication delivered on time, every time.

For example, we created a crankshaft counterweight an energy sector customer. This HR steel plate piece required flame cutting before being machined to tolerances of ±0.254mm. It was then shot blasted and demagnetized to meet its requirements for use in power generation. We delivered 250 parts in 15 days.

Steel Fabrication From Accurate Metal Products

Both low- and high-volume jobs are welcome, and we look forward to hearing about the specifics of your project. We thrive on details and aren't afraid to take on complex projects. Our custom work is completed by highly skilled and experienced professionals, and our commitment to growth and innovation is clear in our new facilities and top-of-the-line equipment. As our reach has grown, we've stayed committed to producing the highest quality components possible while offering caring, attentive customer service.

For more information about steel fabrication in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, contact us or request a quote.