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Heat Treating, Thermal Stress Relieving & Annealing Services 
Heat Treating, Thermal Stress Relieving & Annealing Services

At Accurate Metal Products (AMP), we provide metalworking solutions to customers across a wide range of industries. In addition to our core metal fabrication capabilities (e.g., oxy-fuel flame cutting, plasma cutting, and laser cutting), we offer a variety of material treatment and finishing services to ensure the parts and products we deliver have the desired functional and/aesthetic properties. Our heat treating service offerings include thermal stress relieving and annealing for carbon steel, and other steel alloys.

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Heat Treating, Thermal Stress Relieving & Annealing - Capabilities

Annealing Methods
Subcritical Anneal (500 - 1400°F)
Stress Relieving Methods
Standard Stress Relieve (1100 - 1200°F)
ASME Section I
ASME Section I (900 - 1300°F)
ASME Section I, PW-39
ASME Section VIII (900 - 1300°F)
ASME Section VIII, UCS-56
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Part Length
Up to 105"
Part Width
Up to 60"
Part Weight
10,000 lbs.
Lifting Capacity
5 to 10 ton
Additional Services
Bar Coding
*Free Delivery (150 mile Radius of Milwaukee or Rockford)
Production Volume
Low to High Volume
Lead time
Inquire for current lead times

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Additional Information

Industry Focus
Agriculture, Automation / Production Equipment,
Construction, Mining, Nuclear, Material Handling,
Municipal/ Government, Power Generation, Rail, Wind
Intended Application
Armor Plating
Heavy Duty Vehicle
OEM Components
Industry Standards
File Formats

What Is Heat Treating?

Heat treating refers to processes that heat metal to below its melting point and then cool it in a controlled manner to improve specific physical and mechanical properties, such as strength, malleability, ductility, and durability. Some of the most commonly utilized heat treating processes are annealing, carburizing, case hardening, cyanide hardening, nitriding, and tempering.

Why Heat Treat Steel?

There are many benefits to heat treating steel. For example, by altering the physical and mechanical properties of the material, it can:

  • Improve the workability of the material, making it easier to shape into the desired components
  • Enhance the strength and durability of the final components, resulting in better long-term performance

Types of Heat Treatments for Steel

There are numerous heat treating processes available for steel, each of which alters the material in different ways. At AMP, we offer the following heat treating services for carbon steel, and other steel alloys:

  • Annealing. Annealing is one of the three basic steps most steel alloys undergo. The process involves slowly heating the material to above its recrystallization temperature, holding it at that temperature (i.e., soaking it) until changes to its physical and mechanical properties occur, and allowing it to cool slowly. The soaking time depends on the exact type of material and its mass. In any case, the result is a material that is more ductile.
  • Thermal stress relieving. Thermal stress relieving is a heat treatment used to relieve internal stresses within a component or assembly that may have occurred as a result of previous manufacturing processes. It involves heating the workpiece to a set temperature and holding it at that temperature until the entire piece has reached it. The specific temperature and holding time depend on the material and weight of the workpiece. In any case, the resulting component is less likely to experience dimensional variation after all manufacturing processes are completed.

Our subcritical annealing capabilities range from 500–1400° F. Our heat treatment facility is equipped to perform various stress-relieving operations, including standard (1100–1200° F), ASME Section I, and ASME Section VIII (both 900–1300° F). Our lifting capacity for heat treating, thermal stress relieving, and annealing services ranges from 5 tons to 10 tons. Both low-volume and high-volume runs are welcome.

Contact AMP for Steel Heat Treating Solutions

Looking for a partner for your steel heat treating needs? Turn to the metalworking experts at AMP! We offer a broad range of heat treating capabilities to suit different customer requirements and restrictions. In addition to our heat treating services, we provide cleaning, packaging, and barcoding. We also include free delivery for customers within 150 miles of our Rockford, IL or Milwaukee, WI facilities.

For more information about our heat treating services and how they can help in your next project, contact us today. To discuss your project specs with one of our team members, request a quote.

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