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Oxy Fuel Flame Cutting Services

At Accurate Metals we provide oxy-fuel flame cutting services, which utilize the most current state of the art flame cutting equipment available in the industry. By providing our skilled team of operators with state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to ensure our customers receive the highest precision flame cut parts available. All of our flame cutting machines are replaced on a five-year rotation.

We can perform beveling, straight-line, and circle flame cutting. Our CNC-controlled machines can apply up to 10 torch heads to a job, as appropriate, depending on material (carbon steel, low alloy steel, or alloy steel) and size. We cut parts up to 10’ by 40’ in length, with material thicknesses ranging from .25" to 12" thick, with lifting a capacity of 5 to 25 tons.

Achievable tolerances vary depending on material thickness. For .25"-2" Thickness, we can meet tolerances of ±.063". Materials 2" to 4" thick can be delivered with a tolerance of ±.093"; 4" to 6" thick material is flame cut to a tolerance of ±.125"; and 7.5" to 12" thick material has a guaranteed tolerance no greater than ±.250".

We serve customers. Delivery is free to customers within 150 miles of either our Rockford, Illinois or Milwaukee, Wisconsin facilities. Components can also be cleaned, packaged, and bar coded if desired. For more information about our oxy-fuel flame cutting services, or our other services, please contact Accurate Metals.

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Examples of Our Work

Oxy Fuel Flame Cutting - Capabilities

Straight Line
Cutting Action Type
CNC Controlled
Number of Torch Heads
Up to 10
Cutting Material
Carbon Steel
Low Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel
Maximum Cutting Thickness
.25" to 12"
Maximum Cutting Length
Maximum Cutting Width
Narrow to Reduce Waste
± .063" (.25 to 2")
± .093" (2 to 4")
± .125" (4 to 6")
± .250" (7.5 to 12")
Lifting Capacity
5 to 25 ton
Additional Services
Bar Coding
*Free Delivery (150 mile Radius of Milwaukee or Rockford)
Production Volume
Low to High Volume
Lead time
Inquire for current lead times

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Additional Information

Industry Focus
Agriculture, Automation / Production Equipment,
Construction, Mining, Nuclear, Material Handling,
Municipal/ Government, Power Generation, Rail, Wind
Intended Application
Armor Plating
Heavy Duty Vehicle
OEM Components
Industry Standards
File Formats

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